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"О стратегии (письмо № 5)""Я начальник - ты дурак" и команда клоунов(Forum) 私はなぜフレームワークが嫌いか
07-2011-Feb-2010 Größe der Belegschaft1969-07-20
1999-Dec-24 Let's Take Sabbaticals!1 E4 m²2000-Apr-03 Incentive Pay Considered Harmful
2000-Apr-10 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 1: Controlling Your Environment Makes You Happy2000-Apr-11 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 2: Figuring Out What They Expected2000-Apr-12 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 3: Choices
2000-Apr-18 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 4: Affordances and Metaphors2000-Apr-19 Where do These People Get Their (Unoriginal) Ideas?2000-Apr-22 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 5: Consistency and Other Hobgoblins
2000-Apr-26 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 6: Designing for People Who Have Better Things To Do With Their Lives2000-Apr-27 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 7: Designing for People Who Have Better Things To Do With Their Lives, Part Two2000-Apr-30 Top Five (Wrong) Reasons You Don't Have Testers
2000-Apr 06 Things You Should Never Do, Part I2000-Aug-04 Free Desktop Pictures!2000-Aug-07 Wordsworth Responds
2000-Aug-09 Der Joel-Test2000-Aug-09 The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code2000-Aug-22 Three Wrong Ideas From Computer Science
2000-Aug-27 How do You Compensate Programmers?2000-Aug-28 Feedback on Programmer Compensation2000-Aug-30 Fog Creek Compensation
2000-Dec-02 Up the tata without a tutu2000-Dec-20 The Ricochet Wireless Modem (a Review)2000-Jul-22 Microsoft Goes Bonkers
2000-Jul-25 Anonymous Response2000-Jul-26 Does Issuing Passports Make Microsoft a Country?2000-Jul-28 Passport Responses
2000-Jul-31 The Wireless Web: Spacesuits Needed2000-Jun-03 Strategy Letter III: Let Me Go Back!
2000-Jun-12 REALBasic2000-Jun-15 Whaddaya Mean, You Can't Find Programmers?
2000-Mar-18 More on Sabbaticals...2000-Mar-19 Two Stories2000-Mar-21 Converting Capital Into Software That Works
2000-Mar-23 Command and Conquer and the Herd of Coconuts2000-Mar-23 The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing2000-Mar-28 NDAs and Contracts That You Should Never Sign
2000-Mar-29 Painless Software Schedules2000-May-08 Juggling Tasks in Excel2000-May-08 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 8: Designing for People Who Have Better Things To Do With Their Lives, Part Three
2000-May-09 User Interface Design for Programmers Chapter 9: The Process of Designing a Product2000-May-12 Auto motion in Excel?2000-May-12 Strategy Letter I: Ben and Jerry's vs. Amazon
2000-May-24 Papier stratégique n°2 : les problèmes de poule et d'oeuf2000-May-24 Strategy Letter II: Chicken and Egg Problems2000-May 26 Reading Code is Like Reading the Talmud
2000-Nov-08 Painless Bug Tracking2000-Nov-14 International Readers2000-Nov-20 Netscape Goes Bonkers
2000-Oct-02 Painless Functional Specifications - Part 1: Why Bother?2000-Oct-03 Painless Functional Specifications - Part 2: What's a Spec?2000-Oct-04 Painless Functional Specifications - Part 3: But... How?
2000-Oct-15 Painless Functional Specifications - Part 4: Tips2000-Oct-25 Another Business Model That Doesn't Seem to Work2000-Sep-12 Wasting Money on Cats
2001-Apr-21 Don't Let Architecture Astronauts Scare You2001-Apr-22 Are the Groove Designers Architecture Astronauts?2001-Aug-22 Ask Joel
2001-Dec-11 Back to Basics2001-Dec-25 Getting Things Done When You're Only a Grunt
2001-Dec-25 Wie man als kleines Licht Großes bewirken kann2001-Feb-12 Human Task Switches Considered Harmful2001-Feb-12 Joel warnt: Menschliches Multitasking schadet
2001-Jan-18 Big Macs vs. The Naked Chef2001-Jan-27 Daily Builds Are Your Friend2001-Jul-21 Good Software Takes Ten Years. Get Used To it.
2001-Jul-31 Hard-assed Bug Fixin'2001-Jun-21 Michael E. Porter's Competitive Strategy2001-Mar-19 Spring in Cambridge
2001-Mar-23 Strategy Letter IV: Bloatware and the 80/20 Myth2001-Mar-24 How Many Lies Can You Find In One Direct Mail Piece?2001-May-05 What is the Work of Dogs in this Country?
2001-Nov-13 Working on CityDesk, Part Five2001-Nov-20 A Hard Drill Makes an Easy Battle2001-Oct-12 What Does CityDesk Do?
2001-Oct-12 Working on CityDesk, Part One2001-Oct-13 Working on CityDesk, Part Two2001-Oct-14 In Defense of Not-Invented-Here Syndrome
2001-Oct-17 Working on CityDesk, Part Three2001-Oct-29 Working on CityDesk, Part Four2002-Apr-09 Picking a Ship Date
2002-Apr-11 Our .NET Strategy2002-Aug-30 Platforms2002-Dec-11 Lord Palmerston on Programming
2002-Feb-13 The Iceberg Secret, Revealed2002-Jan-06 Fire And Motion2002-Jan-23 Rub a dub dub
2002-Jul-15 Measurement2002-Jun-12 Strategy Letter V2002-Mar-04 Nothing is as Simple as it Seems
2002-May-06 Five Worlds2002-May-09 Product Vision2002-Nov-11 Das Gesetz von den leckenden Abstraktionen
2002-Nov-11 The Law of Leaky Abstractions2002-Sep-25 Worst Project Ever?2003-Aug-01 Rick Chapman is In Search of Stupidity
2003-Dec-01 Craftsmanship2003-Dec-14 Biculturalism2003-Feb-03 New Server at Peer 1 Network
2003-Jan-03 CityDesk Entity Classes2003-Jan-15 Mouth Wide Shut2003-Jun-03 Fixing Venture Capital
2003-Mar-03 Building Communities with Software2003-Mar-28 Finding an Office in New York City2003-Oct-08 The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)
2003-Oct-08 Was jeder Softwareentwickler mindestens und unbedingt über Unicode und Zeichensätze wissen muss (Kein Pardon!)2003-Oct-16 The Book Club2003-Sep-24 Bionic Office
2004-Aug-19 Contents of Joel on Software, the Book2004-Dec-09 The //comment FAQ!2004-Dec-15 Camels and Rubber Duckies
2004-Jan-26 Getting Your Résumé Read2004-Jan-28 Please Sir May I Have a Linker?2004-Jun-13 How Microsoft Lost the API War
2004-Mar-02 Top Twelve Tips for Running a Beta Test2004-May-05 Mike Gunderloy's Coder to Developer2004-Sep-06 It's Not Just Usability
2005-Apr-01 The Road to FogBugz 4.0: Part V2005-Aug-17 The Project Aardvark Spec2005-Dec-13 How to Ship Anything
2005-Dec-29 De risicos van het Java onderwijs2005-Dec-29 Riesgos de las Java-escuelas
2005-Dec-29 Test Yourself2005-Dec-29 The Perils of JavaSchools2005-Feb-05 Colo Expansion Version 2.0
2005-Feb-11 Foreword to Painless Project Management with FogBugz, by Mike Gunderloy2005-Jan-02 Advice for Computer Science College Students2005-Jul-07 Project Aardvark Midterm Report
2005-Jul-25 Hitting the High Notes2005-Jul-30 Usability Testing with Morae2005-Jun-20 Introduction to Best Software Writing I
2005-Mar-23 Documentary Filmmaker Wanted2005-Mar-28 The Road to FogBugz 4.0: Part I2005-Mar-29 The Road to FogBugz 4.0: Part II
2005-Mar-30 The Road to FogBugz 4.0: Part III2005-Mar-31 The Road to FogBugz 4.0: Part IV2005-May-11 Falsches falsch aussehen lassen
2005-May-11 Making Wrong Code Look Wrong2005-May-20 Wall Street Survival 1012005-Nov-22 Reading List: Fog Creek Software Management Training Program
2005-Oct-12 Set Your Priorities2005-Oct-26 Fog Creek Software Management Training Program2006-Apr-07 Foreword to “Eric Sink on the Business of Software”
2006-Apr-11 Die Entwicklungs-Abstraktionsebene2006-Apr-11 The Development Abstraction Layer2006-Aug-01 Can Your Programming Language Do This?
2006-Aug-07 Three Management Methods (Introduction)2006-Aug-08 The Command and Control Management Method2006-Aug-09 The Econ 101 Management Method
2006-Aug-10 The Identity Management Method2006-Aug-25 My three favorite Firefox extensions2006-Dec-05 Lego Programming
2006-Dec-09 Simplicity2006-Dec-15 Elegance2006-Dec-18 New Stuff!
2006-Dec-20 Half a million bugs!2006-Dec-20 New year's resolution: get a better job!2006-Dec-23 Explaining Steve Gillmor
2006-Dec-28 Bribing Bloggers2006-Jan-11 Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality2006-Jan-25 Einführung in Großes Design
2006-Jan-25 Introduction to Great Design
2006-Jan-26 Great Design: What is Design?
2006-Jan-30 Great Design - Table of Contents2006-Jan-30 What Makes It Great?
2006-Jun-16 My First BillG Review2006-Mar-07 Usability in One Easy Step2006-May-16 FogBugz 4½ and Subjective Well-Being
2006-Nov-01 What's a SQL Injection Bug?2006-Nov-09 Oh, the emails you'll get...2006-Nov-09 The infinite music collection
2006-Nov-15 From the "you call this agile?" department2006-Nov-21 Choices = Headaches2006-Nov-29 Using source control tools on huge projects
2006-Nov-30 Pump 'n' dump spam2006-Oct-09 New Feature: Job Search2006-Oct-12 Book Review: Beyond Java
2006-Oct-24 The Phone Screen2006-Oct-25 The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (version 3.0)2006-Sep-01 Language Wars
2006-Sep-01 Wasabi2006-Sep-05 Introducing
2006-Sep-06 Finding Great Developers2006-Sep-07 Field Guide to Developers2006-Sep-08 Sorting Resumes
2006-Sep-12 Ruby Performance Revisited2006-Sep-19 Amazing X-Ray Glasses from Sprint!2007-Apr-25 VBA für Macintosh verschwindet
2007-Feb-19 Seven steps to remarkable customer service2007-Jan-02 Dreaming in Code2007-Jan-21 The Big Picture
2007-Jan-30 Founders at Work2007-Jul-09 Announcing FogBugz On Demand2007-Jun-29 Management books
2007-Oct-05 California2007-Oct-26 Beleggestützte Zeitplanung2007-Sep-18 Strategy Letter VI
2008-Nov-26 Exploding Offer Season2009-Jan-14 Danke oder Nein, Danke2009-Jun-10 Platform vendors
2009-Mar-09 How to be a program manager2009-Mar-09 Was tut ein Programmmanager2009-Sep-23 The Duct Tape Programmer
2009-ഡിസംബര്‍-13 സ്റ്റാക്ക് സ്ഥിതി വിവരം 2009-ഡിസംബര്‍-14 "ബാക്കപ്പ്" സംസാരം മതിയാക്കാം 2010-Mar-17 Verteilte Versionskontrolle aber wird bleiben
20 July22-Jan-2010 Ein bisschen weniger Unterhaltung26-Jan-2010 Warum Tester
50万件のバグ!5つの世界9. srpna 2000 Joelův test - 12 kroků k lepším programům
ACDSee Photo EditorASCIIASCII art
AV VoizGameA Camada De Abstração De Desenvolvimento
A Java-oktatás veszélyeiAbstrakcja warstwy twórczejAfrikaans
Agencias De Publicidad Wiki PageAlcanzando las notas altasApie autorių
As Cinco Melhores Razões (Erradas) Para Você Não Ter TestadoresAs Doze Melhores Dicas Para Se Realizar Um Beta Test
AsteriskBares Wiki
Belarusian (Беларуская)Bezbolesne harmonogramy
Bezbolesne śledzenie błędówBig Mac og den nakne kokken
Big Macs Contra Segredos De Um Chefe De CozinhaBig Macs jämfört med Den nakna kockenBig Macs lawan Koki yang telanjang
Big Mäcs gegen den Naked ChefBlasingameBlock592Brunnen für viele verschiedene Bereiche
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Camellos y patitos de gomaCancunCancun all inclusive
Capítulo 1: Controlar tu entorno te hace feliz
Capítulo 2: Calcular lo que esperanCapítulo 3: Decisiones
Capítulo 4: Invitaciones y metáforasCapítulo 5: Consistencia y otros duendes
Capítulo 6: Diseñar para gente que tiene cosas mejores que hacer con su vidaCapítulo 7: Diseñar para gente que tiene cosas mejores que hacer con su vida, parte dos
Carta Estratégica I: Ben and Jerry's vs. AmazonCarta sobre Estratégia V
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